Our mission

SixFeeling produces leather bags and accessories Made in Italy

Thanks to its members, SixFeeling has access to a professional background, exclusively Italian: able to give a new, original and different answer.
We have a global experience, which discloses a very high knowledge in the world of leather goods and its products. Starting from competence in raw leather and its manufacturing processes, through the appropriate use of an eco-friendly production process; also including an expertise able to lead those Italian craftsmen who made leather goods their reason of being. They are faithful to a tradition since the mid-nineteenth century.
The ethical intent that inspires us goes in the direction of Italian and sustainable and innovative manufacturing with tanning processes made in the leather production's area in S. Croce sull'Arno.
Our mission brings itself to ideals such as craftsmanship, style and ethics.

The italian crafsmanship:

  • Starting from the leather, especially selected and which come from tannery who rediscovered ancient processes; produced with manual finishing that make their transparency, brilliance and depths the starting point for a real accessible luxury.
  • Models are univocally identified with a stated Italian design, enhanced by seams and finishing as the art of ancient Florentine leatherworkers.

The italian style and charm :

  • Unique models with natural materials, balanced line, free of ostentation. The beauty of a warm and exciting touch.
  • Each of our items is able to give unique feelings and transmit the perception of an ancient world, with all his "Italian expertise". The atmosphere of this touch wraps all our production chain.

The accessible luxury:

  • The SixFeeling’s product is the heart of the message, through each component that constitutes it: starting from the materials to the long and wise work required for shape it.
  • Our articles give a greater usability and certainty by customer to buy objects really and completely made in Italy, made from great artisans and expert workers.
  • Objects are designed, made and dedicated to each of you, women and men who are the center of the SixFeeling universe, identifying yourself as unique person. Clients, no consumers.

SixFeeling is a different answer, an ethical luxury which is accessible and suitable. Especially is a response dedicated to each single person, just because you are unique.